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Survey: Canadians support making Big Tech play by our rules and contribute to Canadian storytelling

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21 May 2021

OTTAWA – Canadians overwhelmingly support making Big Tech platforms like Facebook, Netflix and others subject to Canadian laws and values. This was the conclusion of a recent Nanos Research survey commissioned by FRIENDS.

Generally speaking, 87% of Canadians think that companies like Google, Facebook and Netflix should be subject to Canadian law and paying Canadian taxes. Moreover, 78% of Canadians agree that foreign companies like Netflix broadcasting into Canada via the Internet, should be subject to the same rules as Canadian broadcasters.

Canadians also believe that more should be done to tackle harmful content circulating on digital platforms. Of note, 56% of Canadians believe that social media has weakened Canadian democracy over the past five years. Moreover, and of particular importance when considering misinformation that has circulated during the pandemic, 81% of Canadians believe that the content of social media is less accurate than content produced by traditional media in Canada.

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