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Friends of Canadian Broadcasting

Dear Friend,

Please share the I LOVE CBC petition on FacebookWhen Immigration Minister Jason Kenney recently said that “the CBC lies all the time” he demonstrated just how out of touch he and the Harper government are with Canadians.

The reality is that the vast majority of us treasure the CBC’s role as a bastion of Canadian culture, identity and reliable information. The vast majority of us want the CBC protected and strengthened!

That’s why we must visibly and vigorously demonstrate that Jason Kenney does not speak for us.

That’s why we must get as many Canadians as possible to stand up and be counted in support of our national public broadcaster.

The easiest and the most effective way you can help right now is to share the petition with your friends on Facebook and encourage them to sign. It will take only a few seconds of you time.

If you aren’t on Facebook, you can easily send your friends an email here.

Jason Kenney made his comment in French, speaking to a Canadian Press reporter on February 16th. You can see the original story as published in La Presse here. We have translated the story into English here.

As you may know, Kenney is a long-time and close associate of Prime Minister Harper. He is one of the very few Ministers who has authority to act and speak independently.

More disturbing than Kenney’s actual words is what they represent – a sinister ideological antipathy towards public broadcasting.

FRIENDS believes that this hostile attitude constitutes a huge threat to the future of the CBC.

Kenney's outrageous statement underlines just how much work we must do together.

Please take a few seconds right now to post the I LOVE CBC petition on your Facebook.

If we all take this simple action, we can mobilize Canadians to send Stephen Harper a message he can’t ignore.

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Ian Morrison

Ian Morrison
FRIENDS of Canadian Broadcasting

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