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Friends of Canadian Broadcasting

Dear supporter,

If you've noticed a pattern of dreadful deterioration to news and other programs on CBC Radio, you're not alone.

An internal survey of National CBC Radio reporters has leaked from within the CBC.

It reads like a cry for help from discouraged and dispirited creative professional journalists who are demoralized and distraught about the depreciation of our prized CBC Radio service.

Please answer their call and join me in demanding that intelligence and quality be restored to CBC Radio.

Recently, CBC management decided to “integrate” TV, radio and online news gathering. This supposed cost saving measure has had the predictable consequence of swamping the small but vibrant culture that burns brightly within the CBC Radio service. Now Television consistently trumps Radio.

Here’s what the CBC’s official blog reports about the survey:

“According to the survey, 90 per cent of the reporters feel that the ‘radio culture’ is much worse than it was a year ago, and many of them felt that the storytelling ideals of depth, intelligence, and investigation were disappearing under the news integration process.”

"Our culture is dying," one reporter lamented.

Most of the comments revolve around the loss of radio craft, the increasingly onerous workload, and TV bureaucrats who don’t understand radio swamping radio positions, especially senior positions.

This collective judgment of CBC’s National Radio News journalists is a condemnation of CBC senior management’s ill-conceived “integration” project that undermines the CBC service Canadians care most intensely about – CBC Radio.

Please join with me and send a message to CBC President Hubert Lacroix.

CBC management must restore intelligence and quality to CBC Radio!

Take Action

Yours sincerely,

Ian Morrison

Ian Morrison
FRIENDS of Canadian Broadcasting

P.S. The shameful sacking of As It Happens co-host Barbara Budd is the latest of many decisions that expose CBC management's shortcomings. Please add your voice to demand that intelligence and quality be restored to CBC Radio.