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Taxpayers fuel Hollywood buying spree

Taxpayers fuel Hollywood buying spree

May 22nd, 2007

FRIENDS releases data that show Canada's private broadcasters are spending more on American programs than ever before.


Toronto – Flush with millions of taxpayer dollars, Canada's private broadcasters head to Hollywood this week to buy the rights to a new crop of American programs and continue the trend of spending more on American TV programs than on Canadian.

Data released this morning by FRIENDS of Canadian Broadcasting show that Canada's private broadcasters are spending more than ever before on American programs and that spending on foreign programs has outstripped spending on Canadian programs for the past two years.

![](/files/Images/07may22-graph1.gif) "Private broadcasters enjoy a substantial amount of public funding every year that is intended to encourage more Canadian content. It would seem that the unintended consequence is simply to deepen the pockets of private broadcasters for their annual trek to Hollywood, especially when you consider their dismal record of spending on Canadian drama shows,” said Ian Morrison, spokesperson for the broadcast watchdog group FRIENDS of Canadian Broadcasting.
![](/files/Images/07may22-graph2.gif) The data show a huge increase in spending on foreign drama by private broadcasters like CTVglobemedia and CanWest, while spending on Canadian drama shows has dropped. The CRTC data show private broadcasters spent $479 million on foreign drama during 2006, up more than 16% from 2005, while spending on Canadian drama declined more than 15% from $84.1 million in 2005 to $70.9 million in 2006. Canada's broadcasters enjoy public support from the Canadian Television Fund, Telefilm Canada, and several provincial tax supported programs totaling more than $200 million annually. In addition, they benefit from federal policies of preferential tax treatment of Canadian ads and from simulcasting US shows.
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