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Our top five articles in 2019

Our top five articles in 2019

December 16th, 2019

Every week, we publish original essays, op eds, and feature articles that offer a distinctly Canadian take on our media, culture, and democracy. The writings explore the need for more diversity in the newsroom, the importance of local journalism in isolated communities, the encroachment of big tech on our daily lives, and much more. Here are our top most-read articles of the year.

Holding Media to a Higher Standard When It Comes to Telling Indigenous Stories

CBC Radio One columnist Jolene Banning believes that media and journalists need to be held to a higher standard when it comes to including Indigenous narratives in the stories told. Read the article.

A Challenge to Canadian Journalism: Behind Every Human Trafficking Story is a Human Story

Stories of Indigenous women’s strength, leadership, and resilience are almost invisible in Canada’s public discourse, but the media have an opportunity to change public perception. Indigenous women are targeted, not vulnerable. Read the article.

Netflix’s support of Indigenous screen organizations is great news — or is it?

Netflix’s new partnerships with Indigenous screen organizations are to be applauded, but actually producing and showing Indigenous films to its Canadian subscribers would be more beneficial than supporting more training and skills development. Read the article.

How to avoid the coming Canadian cultural apocalypse

Unifor’s Howard Law on former CBC head Richard Stursberg’s scathing new book, The Tangled Garden, and how we can nurture Canadian culture in the age of media monsters. Read the article.

A Sleepless Year in a Sleepy Town

The 2019 winner of the Dalton Camp Award is by Samuel Piccolo, writing on how a year spent working as a reporter on a community newspaper in a small Ontario town changed his views about the impact and value of local journalism forever. Read the article.

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