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How to make the most of Zoom!

How to make the most of Zoom!

February 19th, 2021

In order to make the most of your collaborative Zoom meeting, there are three main points to keep in mind.

1. Joining the zoom meeting

You will receive an email prior to the meeting containing a link. In order to join, simply click on the link in your email, which will launch the event.

It is prudent to give yourself some time prior to the event in order to make sure that your microphone and camera are functioning.

2. Turn on your microphone and camera

Once you open the meeting, you will be prompted to join using audio (you should accept this). You will then need to ensure that your microphone and camera are switched on. You can do this by clicking on two icons in the bottom left corner of the Zoom meeting window. One will say Unmute/Mute, and the other will say Start Video/Stop Video.

By default, in very large meetings, everyone is muted. The host can mute and unmute you at any time.

3. Adjust your name, introduce yourself

In a collaborative meeting, it is helpful for all of the participants to have their name displayed next to their profile. You can adjust your name by clicking on the participants icon at the bottom of your Zoom meeting window. A list of partcipants will appear, including your name (which may or not be your personal name). If your personal name is not already visible, you can change it by hovering over your name and clicking. "Rename"

Once your audio and video are active, introduce yourself!

That's it! You're ready to participate in a collaborative Zoom meeting!

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