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Here's how to get involved in the two federal by-elections

Here's how to get involved in the two federal by-elections

October 7th, 2020
Two federal by-elections have been called.
They couldn't be more crucial

The parties are watching which issues bubble up to the surface as they get ready for the next federal election.

We must ensure that the voices of FRIENDS supporters are heard. To do so, we've prepared three ways for you to get in touch with your local candidates as well as the federal parties.

If you live in the Toronto Center or York Center ridings, we've set up a simple, one click to call tool to help you get in touch with the candidates of the major parties in your riding whose candidates have a listed phone number.

When you call the candidate, you're passing our message loud and clear: no politician in this country can get elected if they espouse an anti-CBC agenda and are too cozy with foreign Big Tech.

If you live anywhere else in the country, we've prepared a simple email tool to let you get in touch with the major party leaders. This tool will be live for the duration of the by-elections.

Click below on your preferred contact method. Make your voice heard today.
Make your voice heard in the by-elections now!

Call your candidates in Toronto Centre

Call your candidates in York-Centre

Email the party leaders

Need more information? Download our simple issue briefing below.

Stand with us in the defense of Canada's cultural and economic interests.