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Bernhard available to comment on Speech from the Throne

Bernhard available to comment on Speech from the Throne

September 23rd, 2020

Will Ottawa apply our laws to Big Tech?

TORONTO, SEPTEMBER 23, 2020 – FRIENDS’ Executive Director Daniel Bernhard will be available to comment after the Speech from the Throne on the government’s plans to hold social media platforms legally responsible when they publish and promote illegal content and end other special treatment big tech platforms enjoy.

Earlier this week, FRIENDS published a legal analysis that concludes social media companies like Facebook are publishers in the eyes of Canadian law, opening the platforms to legal liability for user-generated content.

“The government does not need to create new laws to deal with online hate and illegal content. They don’t need to define harmful content, police social media, or constrain free expression in any new way. All government needs to do is apply existing laws. If a judge decides that content circulated on social media breaks the law, the platform which publishes and recommends that illegal content must be held liable for it,” Bernhard said.


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