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50 Stories for CBC!

50 Stories for CBC!

October 21st, 2019

We asked Canadians from across Canada what CBC means to them. Here are their stories.

50 Stories for CBC!
Connecting Canadians
From coast to coast, and around the world

"CBC unites us as a country. It is smart and challenges me to think more globally." —Christine Chevalier, Ingleside, ON.

"The CBC, like the railway before it, binds us together a nation. It is our ongoing national conversation. At its best the CBC is there to educate, inspire, and tell Canadian stories to Canadians." —Craig Johnson, Truro NS.

What CBC means to me

"I worked at the CBC Archives for a few years in the early 70s. While working there, one of the things I learned was how important it was that the CBC was often covering the everyday stories of the common people. Sometimes the short stories of everyday people give a more complete picture of the temper of the times than stories about the famous, the rich, and the powerful." —Don Bell.

"I listen to CBC every day and my day wouldn't be complete with it. I value the in-depth news, personal local and national stories and the great music. CBC helps me stay connected to the people and places of this wonderful, diverse country." —George Harding, Mayor of Lockeport NS.

"CBC is always there wherever we are in North America. We have Sirius radio in our vehicle so that we are able to hear what’s going on in our beautiful country when we are in the USA. A big thank you for keeping us connected and informed." —Margaret Duboyce, Stratford ON.

"CBC is what ties our whole country together. No matter where I am in Canada I can always be at home when I’m listening to CBC. I am also visually impaired so I rely on CBC programming for information and for sound intelligent commentary. CBC is my BOOK! I would be lost without CBC." —Marlene Bosch, Nepean ON.

"I get to empathize and interact with other constituencies in the Canadian diaspora on a daily basis and about issues directly and indirectly affecting me and my own understanding of the world Canada exists in." —Rob Ferguson, Seagrave ON.

"CBC means being connected to all Canadians, with a media that is dedicated to all Canadians. It’s an intelligent and trustworthy source of programming and news. It’s unifying - the glue that keeps us as one Canada." —Sarena Knapik, Toronto ON.

"My CBC life started with Peter Gzowski and Vicki Gabereau. How I miss their wit and humour! Now my husband and I have CBC on Sirius radio while we are in Florida in the winter. I can’t tell you how wonderfully reassuring it is to listen to the information and news updates CBC provides us. It’s a touchstone of sanity and kindness in what feels like a state of chaos, with head-shaking beliefs and way of life." —Wendy Len-Miller, Collingwood ON.

Immigrant Stories
Discovering my new home.

"I immigrated to Canada in January 1971. When I arrived here, I knew nothing about Canada, no history, not much geography, no culture. I credit the CBC as my mentor. I listened to voices from across the country calling in to speak about what mattered to them. CBC was the thread that connected the country and gradually, it helped me become a real Canadian." —Dorothy Field, Victoria BC.

"I was 13 when my immigrant family procured its first-ever radio, an old second-hand model. After two years in my new country, my world suddenly expanded. CBC radio became my guiding light from then on, for the rest of my life." —Elfriede Rohloff, Burnaby B.C.

"As a new Canadian (immigrated in 1974, a citizen since 1980), CBC Radio has been a beacon of sanity for me. The morning and afternoon daily shows and the 6 p.m. news are part of my steadfast listening diet. Thank god for the Overnight programming, my solace during sleepless hours." —Erwin Dreessen, Ottawa ON.

"I am a writer and an ethnographer. When I migrated to Canada in 2003, I felt nobody. My family was going through migration trauma. I wrote and listened to CBC. That's all I did to keep sane for nine years." —F Sultan Somjee, Burnaby BC.

"Since I moved to Canada in 1994, CBC has been a part of my life. Through CBC I learned everything about the history, literature, music, politics and diversity of Canada. I have listened to endless hours of CBC Radio One. The hosts became almost like family. I know Canada better than many other immigrants, I feel, thanks to the CBC. But it also has kept me in touch with or introduced me to many other places in the world, and many issues of interest, often the human experience at the centre making it the most interesting and valuable." —Irene Taylor, Parrsboro NS.

"I immigrated to Canada in 1979, and I found out a lot about this country by listening to broadcasts by the very humane and forthright Peter Gzowski. I remember so much that he talked about and so many good-hearted people whom he featured. If Canada had that kind of heart, it was where I wanted to be. I am still here. And I think civilization is still well represented here. Keep the CBC. Please." —Jane Gilchrist, Montreal QC.

Canadian Culture
What does it mean to be "Canadian"?

“I truly enjoyed Les Beaux Dimanches and Le Téléjournal with Bernard Derome,— Two landmark programs which showcased Quebec culture and current events respectively. I’m sure that everyone remembers them!” —Amélie Kirouac, Anjou, QC.

"By celebrating and exploring our distinct differences, CBC nurtures an understanding of our common humanity. CBC is the Canadian difference, the expression of a Canadian identity. I rely on CBC for critical information and facets about who we are—who I am." —Caryl Brandt, Brandon MB.

"The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has been a part of my life since I was a child in the late fifties. I really enjoy the great Canadian content, which includes our First Nations, and programs including people from all over the world that live in this country. This station is important, please continue to fund it well." —Charlynn Mullin, Tatamagouche NS.

"Connecting Canadians with Canadian content" —Dale E. Dunphy, Creston B.C.

"CBC has been an integral part of my life. From black and white to colour, HNIC to Mr Dressup, The Nature of Things to The Fifth Estate. News, docs, entertainment, science, TV and radio. CBC opened my eyes to this vast country with diverse stories from coast to coast to coast." —Dave Mason, Didsbury AB.

"CBC Radio has been a mainstay of mine for over fifty years. It continues to be a source of nationalistic pride. I glean from it the courage to bellow, 'Canada is the best country in the world" and know that I am right!” —Eveleen Armour, Toronto ON.

"CBC provides a voice for those who would otherwise have no voice in our society. Please don't stop." —Jedd House, London ON.

"I grew up in South West Ontario, but ended up in the US at 18 and stayed for over 30 years. After I returned home, CBC radio was integral to re-discovering the country, and realizing that what I am is a Canadian!" —Patricia Langley, Owen Sound, ON.

"It is my main station, because of its programming in French. The news, programs, films, series, dedicated and competent hosts, games and talent shows... everything is well prepared, and well worked out, to my utmost satisfaction. My love for CBC/Radio-Canada is permanent and I wouldn’t want to see it messed about or discredited. I will always defend it!" —Reine Mankarios, Pierrefonds QC.

"The CBC isn't perfect, but it means content tailored to the realities of a multi-ethnic, diverse Canada. It is also the first mainstream North American television station where I saw myself reflected as a teen on Little Mosque." —Sanaa Ali-Mohammed, Toronto ON.

"Support CBC! CBC helps preserve Canadian ideals and provides a platform for Canadian talent. It is imperative that we maintain it." —Sharon Brown, Barrie ON.

News You Can Trust
Facts and informed opinions on issues that matter.

"CBC is the only way to get the correct news in today's fake news world." —Cynthia Simonis, Vancouver BC.

"Now is the time to keep journalism healthy and honest, the survival of our country depends on Canada preserving our identity and ideals. The alternative is an American system that isn’t working. Protect Canada and the news it broadcasts." —Diane St. Louis, Vancouver BC.

“CBC is the ONE connection that I know is true. True news.” —Ellen Ivey.

"A taxi driver asked me how I became so well informed. I said in two ways: I listen to the CBC, and I talk to taxi drivers." —Jane Martin, Toronto ON.

"CBC in all its forms is a vital part of our lives on a daily basis. It is the only reliable source of news and information I trust." —Jim Cuvelier, Lawrencetown NS.

" Why do I go to CBC? I think coverage is fair: whether the Liberals or Conservatives are the main power block, there is critical but reasonable thought- provoking assessments and I especially love it when there is in-depth coverage, rather than a two-minute segment on The National. Programs like The Passionate Eye and Marketplace, The Nature of Things and more really matter." —Linda Hoechstetter, Roberts Creek BC.

“Radio-Canada is my go-to source of reliable information and entertainment in French. Its high-quality content is objective and geographically diverse. I can identify with it.” —Micheline Brodeur, Blainville QC.

" When I listen to the CBC, I know that it has been well researched and that I am listening to truth, not one-sided partisan views or hyped-up versions of events. The CBC is a Canadian treasure that defines us as a country just as much as free health care." —Pam Bolton, Hampton NB.

"CBC is a lifeline of reliable complete information in a sea of hidden agendas, misdirection, fake news, and partisan lies and half-truths. Simple." —Rachelle Cormier, Hamilton ON.

"I feel that the CBC radio is currently the only Canadian radio station that meets my needs. I feel respected as a listener. I highly appreciate the role of the CBC as a provider of unbiased information and diversity of opinions that support our society’s values and democracy." —Tomasz Gradowski, Coquitlam BC.

"It is, perhaps, the last remaining source of intelligent, honest programming in North America." —Tony Lalangue.

“For me, CBC is the only trustworthy institution of its kind. It’s where you can get interesting Canadian-made series, thought-provoking reports and investigations (there are many), and well-researched science shows, on both TV and on radio. Let’s not forget the extensive current affairs coverage, that is as relevant for national events as for international ones. CBC is the only radio and television that I tune in to, as I have almost always done, and I’m 69 years old.” —Yves Bourgault, Montréal, QC.

CBC Music
The soundtrack to my memories.

“I particularly enjoy the classical and jazz music as well as programs such as As It Happens, Ideas, Quirks & Quarks, Cross-Country Checkup, The Current and The Debaters. Private, commercial radio is vacuous by comparison." —Bruce Farquharson, Nanaimo B.C.

Brave New Waves with Brent Bambury changed my life. Growing up in Winnipeg, it was a lifeline to me on those frigid nights when I was in high school and couldn't get to sleep. That radio show hinted at the possibility of another world out there with music nerds, artists, and other tribes I would never have been exposed to if I'd stayed in the 'Peg." —Dominic Ali, Toronto ON.

“From the time I was very young, Radio-Canada’s radio and television programs opened me to culture and the world. It was a joy to listen to Le cabaret du soir qui penche, to discover poetry, music, and a wide variety of songs.” —Josette Labbé, Saint-Benoit-Labré, QC.

"I've been a fan of Big City Small World for years and even more so these days with Errol Nazareth at the helm. Errol is a passionate supporter of the Arts, but especially music; and you can hear in his voice his appreciation for music with social and spiritual depth which is particularly meaningful for me." —Lisa Patterson, Toronto ON.

"I listen to CBC Radio for about two hours each day. Love The Current, Ideas, the Debaters, Laugh Out Loud, Quirks & Quarks, and Saturday Night Blues." —Michael Obrecht, Wakefield, QC.

“Radio was a gateway to our society, our history, popular French songs, and, most of all, classical music. We would wake up to the sounds of the radio and fall asleep after the 10 o’clock news. My mom would stay up until midnight, listening to programs such as Appelez-moi Lise while sewing or making soup for the following day.” —Pierrette Pelletier, Montreal, QC.

Family Time
It's what we do together.

"When my younger daughter went off to Concordia University in Montreal in the early 2000s, she and I would connect by discussing the programs we both loved on CBC radio. CBC is the thread that ties our country together." —Heather Sapergia, Prince George BC.

"CBC Radio is my most trusted news source in Canada. It’s also the soundscape behind squeals of silliness while my toddler and I make breakfast." —James (and Gus) Cairns, Hamilton, ON.

"We love that our kids are exposed to wonderful CBC Kids TV shows just like we were as kids in the 80s. We're lucky to have access to such great children's programming. Arthur and Daniel Tiger are fan favourites at our household!" —Lisa Clapperton, Jordan Kern, Julian (aged 7), Gracie (aged 1), Toronto ON.

"From my childhood and throughout my adolescent years, I can remember my father listening to the CBC news. After I moved away from home, listening to the CBC became a part of my evening routine, too, and now, my entire family are loyal CBC listeners." —Madelaine Raine, Calgary AB.

"I am self-employed, my husband travels, and with no kids, am often home alone. CBC Radio is on ALL the time in our home, sometimes background and others it takes centre stage. I have the app. I listen and share the podcasts. Yes there are some programs I tune out. And I don’t always agree with everything I hear. But most often I hear SMART, considered conversation, ideas and viewpoints worth hearing. I love Cross Country Checkup — a well-moderated Canadian conversation on matters of the day. Under the Influence! The Debaters! Because news! q! Randy Bachman’s Vinyl Tap! Most of all I love NO COMMERCIALS and NO MINDLESS CHATTER. I can live without CBC TV, but hands off my CBC RADIO 1. Happy to pay taxes to support CBC radio." —Suzanne Brownlee, Vancouver B.C.

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