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Mark Zuckerberg is suing us. Time we fought back.

Tell the government to stand up for Canada

Facebook is suing every single Canadian. Why? Because CEO Mark Zuckerberg doesn't want to follow Canadian law.

A bit of background: Daniel Therrien, Canada's privacy commissioner, ruled last year that Facebook broke the law when it allowed our private information to be sold to Cambridge Analytica without our consent. That's the firm which led Donald Trump's misinformation offensive online.

As you and I concentrate on our families' health and safety in the midst of this pandemic, Facebook has petitioned the federal courts to force the Privacy Commissioner to drop his suit. Mark Zuckerberg, his lackeys, and his lobbyists are saying that the Privacy Commissioner shouldn't be allowed to tell them how to treat Canadians' private information. So they're going after every Canadian to try and prove they can act with impunity.

Facebook's gall would be funny if it weren't so chilling. A company that has been time and again described as a threat to democracy is trying to rewrite Canadian law to suit its own ends. It's time we fought back.

Send a message to Prime Minister Trudeau now asking him to stand up for Canada and push back against Facebook's attempts to rewrite Canadian law. It's time we decided how to govern ourselves, and stop letting Silicon Valley decide for us.