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Tell the government to act now for our media and culture!

Tell the government to act NOW for our culture and democracy!

We have a once in a generation opportunity to reinforce Canadian culture, media and democracy. Let's make the most of it.

A nonpartisan commission has recommended that the government act quickly to strengthen the CBC and protect all Canadian media from impending extinction at the hands of Silicon Valley monopolies like Facebook and Netflix.

Their prescription?

  • An ad-free CBC with stable long-term funding and truly independent governance.
  • End the free ride for internet broadcasters like Netflix, which walks away with an estimated $700 million due to tax and contribution exemptions – more than $2 million a day!
  • Require platforms like Facebook to pay their fair share for the content that makes them rich, and make them follow our laws and rules.
  • This has to happen. And it has to happen now.

Big Tech has an army of lobbyists working overtime to oppose these changes. We need to amass an army of citizens to stand up for Canadian culture and democracy.

Tell Mr. Guilbeault and Prime Minister Trudeau that we expect him to move fast to save Canadian media and the CBC from Silicon Valley. It's time to put Canadian culture and democracy first.
Send your letter now.