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Tell Ottawa to make the Broadcasting Act better

Tell Ottawa to make the Broadcasting Act better

After 30 years, we've got a new Broadcasting Act. And it falls short.

Heritage Minister Guilbeault has introduced major amendments to the Broadcasting Act. His stated objective was to require companies like Netflix to finance Canadian content. But the fact is the new law falls short in several important ways that could perpetuate the status quo.

The new law also weakens our ability to hold Big Tech responsible for broadcasting illegal content, guts Canadian ownership provisions, and does nothing to modernize the mandate of the CBC.

While the bill described by the Minister sounds good, the text of the bill isn't as advertised. However, we have every reason to believe that the Minister's heart is in the right place, so let's help him and the whole of the Heritage Committee to improve the bill in this minority Parliament before it becomes law.

Politicians listen to FRIENDS supporters, because they know we're motivated by the public interest and nothing else.

We need your help to counter Silicon Valley's big-money lobbyists. By sending a message now to the Heritage Committee members and the Prime Minister, you're doing Canada and our media a great service.

Take 1 minute now to use our form and send a letter to the Heritage Committee and the Prime Minister asking them to fix the Broadcasting Act to put our country and our culture first!