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Tandem must be cancelled

Tandem must be cancelled

The CBC's credibility is not for sale!

FRIENDS obtained a leaked recording of remarks CBC CEO Catherine Tait made to an online town hall of employees irate at CBC's so-called "branded content" initiative. One passage in particular jumped out at us.

Branded content is a Bay Street buzzword for secret advertising on CBC's podcasts, website and more. And it has no place at our public broadcaster. Tandem will hinder Canadians' trust in the CBC. We have to stop it.

CBC should be a public good, not a private enterprise. If CBC CEO Catherine Tait doesn't understand that, then she's in the wrong line of work. Help us convince her of the error of her ways by sending her a letter asking her to reverse course on Tandem.

Now more than ever, we need a trustworthy, dependable CBC to bring us news and entertainment that serve our interest – that is, the public interest. Big Tech platforms like Facebook sell us out to advertisers all day every day. The CBC should be a citizens' oasis from such predatory commercialization. Tandem puts that oasis at risk.

We know times are tough and finances at the CBC and throughout the media sector are in rough shape. But we simply can't save the CBC by killing its soul.

Please join us and hundreds of current and past CBC employees by telling CBC CEO Catherine Tait to stop this destructive initiative. Sign our letter now.