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Strengthen the CBC! #CBCFightFor50

Strengthen the CBC! #CBCFightFor50

There’s a media and journalism crisis tearing through the world, and the cure is a stronger CBC!

News outlets are closing across the country, and Canada is swamped with fake news and extremism proliferated by unregulated monopolies like Facebook. Now more than ever, Canadian democracy needs truthful, trustworthy information citizens can count on. Canada needs a strong CBC to fight fake news and tell great Canadian stories from across the land, in English, French and Indigenous languages.

Unlike commercial broadcasters that serve their shareholders’ private interests, CBC exists to serve the public’s civic interest.

CBC was once a world leader in broadcasting, but after more than three decades of cuts, it is practically on life support. The BBC receives $100 per person per year! Norway’s public broadcaster gets $162 per year. But CBC gets a measly $34! How is that OK?

Think about what CBC could do with even $50 per person! Join our #CBCFightFor50 campaign today.

With $50 per Canadian per year, CBC could deliver more quality journalism to secure our democracy, and it could produce more Canadian drama, comedy and current affairs programming to defend and advance our culture.

Canadians deserve a strong public broadcaster.
Your voice makes a difference. Join the #CBCFightFor50 campaign now!