Have a say in the Federal Budget!

Before every budget, the government engages in “pre-budgetary consultations,” where they ask Canadians what they want to see in the upcoming federal budget. As you can imagine, it’s a process often dominated by the interests of the most powerful.

At FRIENDS, we see power in a different way. It isn’t only about money and the political influence it wields. It’s about citizen participation and the votes that Canadians cast. In our continued effort to secure a better CBC that truly fulfills its public purpose, FRIENDS is inviting you to exercise your power by participating in our submission.

It couldn’t be any easier: simply fill out the form to the right with your message. If you need inspiration, just answer the question: why does the CBC matter to you?

FRIENDS will collate every submission we receive into a single package  that demands that the government fulfill its promise to increase the CBC’s budget.

So please take a few moments to fill the form to the right, and help us secure our CBC’s future!

And if you’re curious to read the submission of Marla Boltman, FRIENDS Executive Director, click here to download it.