Tell your MP in Kanata-Carleton, Jenna Sudds, to defend Canadian storytelling!

FRIENDS volunteers in Kanata-Carleton have prepared this petition, which they will present to your MP, Jenna Sudds. Sign today to send a strong message!

Ms. Sudds, please defend Canadian storytelling!

Years of government inaction and the hostility of foreign Big Tech have left our Canadian media, journalism and culture in shambles. The pandemic has only made things worse. Ms. Sudds, as concerned citizens in your riding, we, the undersigned, ask you to take this matter to heart, and to stand up for Canadian storytelling in all its forms. As such, we ask you to, wherever and whenever possible, advocate to:

1. Ensure that online platforms like YouTube, Netflix, Facebook and others, play by Canadian rules: that means contributing to Canadian content like any other broadcasters, paying their taxes, and following our laws.

2. Fund the CBC to help it fill its public purpose: CBC’s budget per capita is at its lowest point since 1961, forcing our national public broadcaster to rely more and more on advertisers, while reducing the extent and quality of its local news coverage. Our CBC needs more resources: the promised $400 million over four years is a good first step, but this government should aim to reach a $50 per capita funding for our CBC by the end of its mandate.

3. Make those who profit from the news pay for it: Facebook and Google make billions off of advertising in Canada while our newsrooms languish. 20,000 journalism jobs have been lost in the past 10 years, while foreign tech companies prosper. In our West Carleton area alone, 4 community papers have closed in the past two decades. Canada should follow the Australian government in making sure that giant tech companies pay for the news they profit from.