Stand with FRIENDS and fight for the CBC

FRIENDS is appealing to the Cabinet to send the CRTC’s decision on the terms for CBC’s licence renewal back for reconsideration. Soon, our appeal will be heard along with more than a dozen others — that’s how much attention and concern this decision has attracted.

And we need your help to push this appeal over the finish line!

Never in its long history has it been more important to fight for the CBC we deserve — for today, and for tomorrow. In addition to urging the Minister of Canadian Heritage to proceed with the government’s pledge to modernize the CBC’s mandate, our appeal is advocating for:

  • More Local News — which the CBC is uniquely positioned to deliver but which the CRTC failed to require committed funding for;
  • An End to Tandem — the commercial plan that would use the CBC’s treasured journalism platform as a trading house for bought and paid-for branded content; and
  • Canadian Programming — to address the lack of binding expenditure commitments for Canadian programming on all platforms.

Our appeal is aimed at securing these important goals that are vital to a CBC that can flourish going forward. 

Join us in telling the Prime Minister to fight for the CBC by adding your name to this petition. One appeal is easy to dismiss. But an appeal backed by a crush of countless Canadians — thousands, tens of thousands of us — that is a whole lot harder to overlook!